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Boosting your EPC is easier than you may think

We can help you on your journey toward achieving an energy efficient rental property

If you are a landlord, from April 2018, your property will have to achieve an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating or ‘E’, or higher.

As Cornwall’s leading energy experts, we can help you to meet the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards by identifying and helping you to make the most cost effective improvements to your property.

By taking action now you can protect your investment by ensuring that rental incomes are retained and the need for major repairs are reduced.

EPC Roadmap

How we can help you

Step 1:  EPC Roadmap Service

EPC’s list the measures required to improve the EPC rating in an order which is often impractical, inappropriate and with inaccurate costings. Our EPC Roadmap Service considers your budget, planning restrictions and level of disruption to recommended improvements in order of cost efficiency and based on typical local installation prices.

Cost for service: £75 inc vat


Step 2: EPC Boost Service

We can take the hassle out of getting the energy efficiency of your property up to scratch by handling the procurement and management of local installers.  We can even liaise with your tenants to schedule works and provide advice to help them reduce their energy bills further.

Cost for service: £195 inc vat


Step 3: New EPC

Once the necessary improvements have been installed, we can produce a new EPC for you to ensure that you conform to the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards.

Cost for service: £60 inc vat


Say goodbye to damp and mould problems

shutterstock_44182846The climate in Cornwall and nature of the county’s housing stock mean that damp and mould are unwanted squatters in many homes. We believe in the value of taking a holistic approach to achieving, warmer healthier homes and will recommend appropriate measures to combat damp and mould.

As part of our service we can provide resources to help your tenants understand the behavioural changes they can make to reduce condensation in your property.

For more information about what may be causing damp and mould in your property and how to combat it, check our damp and mould advice page.


About this service


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Home Energy Health Checks are a commercial ‘Home Energy Answers’ service provided by Community Energy Plus.  We’re  a charity and social enterprise, which means that any surpluses made through our operations are reinvested to support our educational, environmental and research objectives.


To request our EPC Roadmap or Boost services, please call us on 01872 245569.