Community Energy Oil Buying Club

Just under half the homes in Cornwall are not served by the mains gas network and rely on more expensive forms of heating for their homes and hot water. By bringing together the collective buying power of users of oil fuelled heating in Cornwall we’re working to help householders across the county to access competitive prices to reduce their heating bills.

Community Energy Plus Oil Buying Club

Reasons to join our club

  • Single point of contact (no ringing around suppliers)
  • Hassle free service
  • Cheaper prices, especially for customers ordering small amounts
  • Ability to place smaller, more frequent order + spread the cost = no need to risk running low in order to secure a better price for a large order
  • Regular purchase dates (and reminders!)
  • Access to other services from Community Energy Plus to help you save energy and money

Our order history

Our next order cut-off date is midnight on Monday 7th December 2020.

Please signup and login to add your order to the buying date above. You will be advised on the price per litre achieved by the group by email within 2 working days following the published buying date.

Upcoming order cut-off dates

– 9th November 2020

– 7th December 2020

– 11th January 2021

– 8th February 2021

– 8th March 2021

– 12th April 2021

– 10th May 2021

– 14th June 2021

– 12th July 2021

Our order history

Litres ordered to date: 6,003,136

Orders placed to date: 8,738 over 110 buying dates

Member savings to date: £161,967.52

Average savings: 2.87p per litre (inc. VAT)

Average savings for a household across a year: £70.23 (based on consumption data of an average 3-bed house in SW England with a standard oil fired boiler using 2,445 litres per year).  Please note that for customers who have been with the same supplier for a long time, it is likely that the savings could be much greater.

How to join

Membership of the Community Energy Club is free. Community Energy Plus does levy a small administration charge (maximum of 1p per litre) to oil suppliers to cover the administration of the oil buying club and to support our charitable objectives. To reduce our administration costs and offer a members a convenient service, the primary route for joining the club and placing orders is through the club’s website We recognise that some householders are not able to access to the internet and also offer a paper-based application and order system, along with an oil buying ‘buddy system’, enabling members to place online orders on behalf of a family member, friend or neighbour. To request a paper-based application pack or ‘oil buying buddy’ application pack, please call 0800 954 1956 or email [email protected].