Home Energy Health Checks


Does your home need an energy health check?

Energy bills are one of your household’s biggest expenses, so it makes sense to take action now to protect yourself from the impact of future energy price rises.

Whether you’re considering renewable technologies, a new heating system or other energy efficient home improvements, making decisions on future investments in your property is much simpler with some impartial expert advice behind you.

Your prescription for lower energy bills

  • During your consultation with one of our experienced energy advisors, a thorough examination of your property will identify current levels of energy efficiency, usage and behaviour patterns along with how much you currently spend on your energy bills.
  • You will receive a report specifying appropriate energy efficiency solutions (including renewables), based on the opportunities at your property and your individual needs.
  • Equipped with our report, you will have a clear understanding of the likely costs of making improvements to your home and the expected return on investment through savings on your energy bills and potential income from the Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive.
  • With a roadmap to enable you to achieve a more cost efficient home, you will be able to approach installers with the confidence that you’ll be able to obtain competitive quotes for appropriate solutions tailored to your specific needs.

A home energy health check can help you:

– Understand how to enjoy a more comfortable year-round temperature

  • Use your heating controls effectively
  • Consider options for heating and insulation upgrades

Identify the causes of condensation and mould, and achieve a healthier home

  • Get advice on appropriate behaviour changes
  • Assess ventilation options

Explore which renewable technologies are right for you and your property

  • Solar PV
  • Renewable heating and hot water

Benefit from cheaper energy tariffs

  • Discover how much you could save by switching tariffs

Assess other improvements to reduce your energy costs

Confused by LED lighting? —Ask how we can help you switch and save

Service costs

Home Energy Health Checks are priced at an hourly rate plus mileage, within Cornwall. Please contact us on [email protected] to discuss your needs.