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Insulation scheme gears up for temperature drop

Loft Insulation

Following the warm start to autumn, a local sustainable energy charity is expecting to see a sudden rush of applications to its insulation scheme as the expected seasonal temperature drop shocks residents into action to get their homes ready for the cold weather.

Community Energy Plus delivers a county wide insulation scheme in partnership with Cornwall Council and has launched their campaign to encourage almost 3000 homes to take up their offer.

Around a third of all the heat that escapes from an un-insulated home is lost through the walls and a quarter is lost through the roof.  Installing loft and cavity wall insulation to a property without any existing insulation can save a typical home up to £255 a year on their heating bills, which during these challenging economic times can make a big difference to the budgets of many households in Cornwall.

Ian Smith, Managing Director of Community Energy Plus, said:

“We usually see an increase of applications to our insulation scheme during cold weather but this year we’re bracing ourselves for a sudden surge in call volumes when the temperature drops.  We’re usually eased into the changing seasons but the heat wave at the start of October means that we could see the temperature dropping by as much as 10oC (50oF) to its normal level in a short period of time.  We’re concerned that many households will be caught out by the cold weather because they haven’t taken steps to get their homes ready for winter.” 

Cornwall Council’s cabinet member for housing Mark Kaczmarek said:  “We’re delighted to continue working with Community Energy Plus to help Cornish householders to insulate their homes and experience the financial, health and environmental benefits of reducing their heat loss.  Last year we’ve helped 2737 households to insulate their homes and I hope that with the cold weather around the corner, many more will be quick to take up this subsidised offer to enjoy warmer and healthier lives.”

Community Energy Plus is offering insulation for homeowners and private tenants at a discounted price of £99 each for loft and cavity wall insulation, although households receiving qualifying benefits, including Pension Credit, can access free insulation.

For further information or to apply for free and discounted insulation through Community Energy Plus visit the insulation page of our website or call Freephone 0800 954 1956.