Slow Cooking on a budget

Families in Cornwall can take action to save energy and money by using slow cookers. Slow cookers are incredibly energy efficient, using only a fraction of the energy of a hob or oven to cook a family meal. Using a slow cooker at least once a week to prepare family meals can help you to enjoy less time in the kitchen and more time with your family.

And if you’re on a budget, then slow cooking is an ideal way to help feed your family, as you can use cheaper cuts of meat and cheaper vegetables to make healthy, filling and tasty meals. Plus any leftovers can be frozen for convenient meals another day.

Did you know that cooking a family meal in a slow cooker costs less than 3p / hour in electricity?

Slow Cooker

We have previously held slow cooking workshops to encourage people to learn about ways to save energy throughout the home and highlight how lots of small changes can add up to big savings on energy bills.

Dr Tim Jones, Chief Executive of Community Energy Plus, explained the significance of the workshops: “As energy bills are one of a household’s major expenses, equipping parents with the skills to reduce their energy costs and cook healthy meals for their family on a budget is resulting in some profound and long lasting impacts on family life.”

Workshop participant, Teresa from Bodmin, said: “I’m really glad that I found out about the project and took part. It’s really helped my family and this type of thing should be available more widely as it’s a great way to encourage families to eat better and save energy as well as money.”

Slow Cooker Recipes

You can find slow cooker recipes and groups on social media and there are plenty of budget-friendly recipes online, perhaps search for “budget slow cooker recipes” or “family slow cooker recipes”. You can also find recipes using “crock pot” instead of “slow cooker”. Here are some links we’ve found online to get you started: