Prepayment meter advice

Prepayment meter advice

Budgeting with a pre-pay meter – you will use a lot more energy in the colder months. If you are able to build up a credit on your account in the summer you will not need to worry about the cost of keeping warm in the winter.

Consider a change of payment method – the biggest tariff savings are usually available to customers with credit meters (pay for the energy after it’s been used) who switch to a fixed price deal for a set period of time. You will need to clear any debt on your meter and pass a credit check with your supplier before your meter is changed. If you’re happy that a pre-pay meter suits your needs its worth checking if you can save money by switching tariffs or suppliers – you can still switch and save with a pre-pay meter.

Beware of ‘No Daily Standing Charge’ Tariffs. Some suppliers, including Utilita, provide tariffs which can appear cheaper because they do not charge a daily standing charge, however they much charge higher rates for the initial units of electricity to cover this. This type of tariff may suit you if you are away from your home and are not using any energy for periods of time.

Help from energy suppliers during the Covid-19 crisis

Many energy suppliers are helping their customers who have been affected by Covid-19. Contact your energy supplier if you need their help. Click here for a helpful list of energy suppliers and the help they’re providing.