Green Homes Grant

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve had a lot of calls from householders and landlords in Cornwall regarding the Green Homes Grant. Here are some frequently asked questions which may help you:

Green Homes Grant FAQs

Q: Can I use an installer I’ve used in the past?
For funding from the Green Homes Grant, you can only use a TrustMark accredited installer. To find an installer in your area, go to

Q: I’m having problems finding a TrustMark accredited installer in Cornwall
We’re seeing a large amount of people contacting us who are struggling to get quotes in order to apply for a Green Homes Grant voucher. A search on the Trustmark website for installers working in Cornwall will often show results from companies based a long way from our county.

All the TrustMark accredited installers we’ve spoken to who operate in Cornwall are completely overwhelmed with enquiries for quotes for the Green Homes Grant. However, the government have extended the Green Homes Grant until 31 March 2022, so we’re hoping this will give installers more capacity to deliver by this new deadline. Response times may remain slower because their resources are stretched at an already busy time of the year. It’s possible that some installers based in other parts of the UK who say that they normally cover Cornwall will focus on servicing customers closer to home at this busy time, as it is more profitable to work this way. You could try looking on the installer’s website first to see if they have an online enquiry form for them to get back to you as soon as they can.

Q: I’ve found an installer, but they’re too busy to do the work on my property by March next year
Unfortunately we’ve heard this problem a lot and appreciate how frustrating this has been. Fortunately, as of 18 November 2020, the government have extended the Green Homes Grant until 31 March 2022. We’re hoping this will give installers a chance to meet the demand.

Q: I have a Green Homes Grant voucher. When do I need to redeem it by?
Green Homes Grant vouchers will remain valid for 3 months from the date they are issued or until 31 March 2022, whichever is earlier and need to be redeemed before the end date on each voucher. If you are experiencing circumstances beyond your control which will make it difficult for you to redeem your voucher by the end date, then you can request an extension from the Green Homes Grant Scheme on 0300 131 0053 or email at [email protected]. If your extention request is approved, then an amended voucher will be issued showing the extended validity period.

Q: I’m a Park Home resident and there’s no option to apply for exterior wall insulation
The government has recently changed the accreditation criteria which park home external wall insulation installers need to hold so they can carry out Green Homes Grants funded work. This last-minute change of procedure means that it has become very unclear how an installer will be able to provide an insulation measure for a Park Home resident at this time under this scheme.

There is currently a big push within the insulation industry and energy advice sector to lobby both TrustMark and the government to remove this blockage and enable installers to deliver Green Homes Grant funded work, however as yet, we are unable to give a timescale on their consideration of changes to this aspect of the scheme. This means that Green Homes Grant applications for exterior wall insulation cannot be processed at the present time, but watch this space for updates.

Q: Can I get double glazing for my property with a Green Homes Grant?
There are two measures available on the Green Homes Grant: primary and secondary. At least one primary measure needs to be installed with your voucher and you can use your voucher to help with the cost of secondary measures. The maximum you can receive for secondary measures is capped at the value of the primary measure.

Double glazing is a secondary measure and only where this is replacing single glazing. Unfortunately, it cannot be used to replace existing double glazing in your home.

Q: Can I get draught proofing for my home with a Green Homes Grant?
Draught proofing is also classed as a secondary measure under the Green Homes Grant Scheme (see above). However, if you have a qualifying primary measure, it is unlikely you will be able to find a suitably qualified installer to help you, as a search for Trustmark Approved installers only currently shows companies in Doncaster. Instead, we recommend either having a go at installing draught proofing measures on a DIY basis or contacting a local handyperson to pay for the work outside of the Green Homes Grant Scheme.

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