What this toolkit can do

SignpostThis toolkit is designed to provide an overview to some of the options available, the pitfalls and the key steps you need to think about in order to pursue effective energy projects in your community.

It includes a number of resources that you can download for free to help inform and advance your project.  It also provides an introduction to some of the range of services available from Community Energy Plus to help you make effective progress on your community energy journey.

The number of options available is huge and the policy and funding landscape changes constantly.  The range and price of renewable and energy saving technologies is also constantly evolving.  Furthermore the requirements of each project will differ depending on the mix of interests, opportunities and expertise that exist in your community.

Consequently this toolkit cannot provide all the answers for your project but it can point you in the right direction and provides resources you can return to in future.
Making your project happen will demand significant commitment to define the objectives,to plan, prepare and deliver the energy outcomes you seek.  We recommend you take a pragmatic approach, starting small and tailoring your projects to the resources you have available.