Community Ownership

An increasingly popular way for community projects to raise money is through community share issue.  Shares are offered for sale in a not-for-profit community owned enterprise and in return investors will usually get a financial return over the longer term.  This type of scheme has the benefit of retaining control in the community and giving local people a stake in the future of a community energy project.

Community Power Cornwall

In response to the barriers faced by community groups raising finance for wind turbines, Community Energy Plus has established Community Power Cornwall, along with another organisation, Kabin (Social Economy and Co-operative Development Cornwall). Community Power Cornwall is an independent Industrial and Provident Society, owned by its members.

The Society exists to enable community ownership of these assets, to generate capital to be re-invested locally in renewable energy, and to nurture the spread of community owned renewable energy generation.


Some examples of other established community share issues are listed below:

Communities can include both location based communities and also communities of interest which bring together people with similar values and goals from a wider geographical area.

Community Shares is a research project examining the potential for communities to attract investment through community share issues and bonds.  Their website can provide you with some examples of how some groups overcame the barriers you may face.