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Become a more sustainable community today

Our guide will take you through the practicalities of starting a group and engaging your community in a sustainability project.

We’ve got advice and guidance on how to structure and manage your group, and how to run meetings and events

Ladock turbine

Planning and advice services

We have a unique selection of planning and advice services to help your community in all stages of its project.

Whether you need someone to assist with planning applications, running your meetings and events, or funding advice, we’ve got over 14 years experience to help you on your way.

Community Energy Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed as part of the Sustainable Energy Communities project and is intended to bring together practical resources for use by groups in Cornwall and Devon wishing to develop energy projects in their communities.

As a result of the Feed-in Tariff and the more recently introduced Renewable Heat Incentive, sustainable energy is one means by which community projects can generate an income.  Whether this is used to develop further energy projects, or to support wider community goals, there are now real financial as well as social and environmental drivers for your community to engage with Sustainable Energy.


Getting going

Amy Walker at Energy Event

This sections provides guidance on starting a community group, and how to structure your group.

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Energy solutions

Solar PV at Trelander Community Hall

There are many ways to become a more sustainable community. All groups and places are different, and this section guides you through some of the options you have.

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Funding & finance

Sustainable village cheque

One of the most important (and difficult) parts of a community project is raising the funds to bring your plans to fruition. We’ve developed this guide to finding finance for community projects.

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How we can help

Fuel poverty advice

Community Energy Plus have over 14 years experience working with communities. We can provide help and advice with all aspects of your project.

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