Transition Penwith was launched in 2006 and was the second Transition community in the UK. It is working to raise awareness of sustainable living and build local ecological resilience in response to peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability.

It has run public talks and seminars on all aspects of reducing energy usage, generating renewable energy and has promoted alternatives ways of living where we aren’t reliant on long supply chains that are dependent on fossil fuels.e.g. set up a network that brings all the community food projects working in Penwith together

In spring 2012 Community Energy Plus helped them secure funding from LEAF (Local Energy Assessment Fund which is funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change). This funded Community Energy Plus to do a number of pieces of work looking at local energy issues working in partnership with Transition Penwith. This included jointly running a series of community events to inform and engage people on issues of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

A number of detailed energy efficiency surveys on typical domestic buildings across the area were commissioned, to show what measures could be taken by householders to reduce energy consumption. It produced a questionnaire asking about people’s homes and their views on how local energy generation should be developed. This went to all 33,400 households in the area.

Transition Penwith also commissioned a report on how much energy was used locally and what potential there was for local renewable generation. The final part of the project was considering how to develop a local energy partnership of community groups, third sector organisations, councils, local business etc to work on a long-term Penwith Energy Plan and the actions it will contain.

For further information visit the Transition Penwith website.