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Event held to help householders cut their energy bills

Visitors to Helston’s Open Door Café were given advice to help them to take control of their energy bills at an event to mark National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day on Friday 17th February.

Cornish charity Community Energy Plus joined forces with the Helston and Lizard Food Bank to host a drop-in event for local residents to find out about grants and initiatives which can help them to enjoy warmer homes, tariff switching and advice on how to save energy and further reduce their bills.

The event was held on National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day as part of the charity National Energy Action’s Warm Homes Campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the problem of fuel poverty and some of the solutions available for those struggling to heat their homes affordably.

In Cornwall fuel poverty currently affects 14% of all households, which is above the England average of 10%. A household is classed as being in fuel poverty when its fuel costs are above the national average and if they were to spend that amount, the money they were left with would tip them below the official poverty line.

Local MP Derek Thomas, who attended the event on Friday said: “Community Energy Plus do a fantastic job informing householders how they can save money both by using energy better and accessing the best deals and advice. This event was a further example of this, and as a former manager of Mustard Seed, I was glad that Mustard Seed was able to host this event. No one should pay more than absolutely necessary to keep warm and use appliances around their home – this drop-in event, held on National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, can help keep costs down.”

Dr Tim Jones, Chief Executive of Community Energy Plus said: “Rising energy costs are a major concern for low income households but we’re keen to help people reduce their bills so that they’re not forced to make tough decisions between heating and eating. National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day provided a platform to help us highlight the services we offer to help people achieve warmer, healthier homes. We were pleased to work alongside Helston and Lizard Food bank to provide advice to their clients as well as others visiting the Open Door Café.”

Householders can access free advice from Community Energy Plus to help them reduce their energy bills by calling the charity on Freephone 0800 954 1956.