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Energy savings add up at Ladock School

Ladock Church of England School are reaping the benefits of going green by cutting their electricity bill in half through their involvement in the Low Carbon Living Ladock and Grampound Road Project.

The school has saved over £1,000 on their last quarter’s electricity bill thanks to a new ground source heat pump which is distributing heat from the ground to the radiators in the main school buildings.

The renewable energy technology was installed after a government initiative awarded the parish Low Carbon Communities Challenge status and £500,000 of funding to become a test bed for achieving sustainable living on a community-wide scale. 

The project was developed to support the on-going work by Transition Ladock and Grampound Road and local residents to create a more sustainable community, with the initial funding bid and delivery of the project being led by the Cornish sustainable energy charity Community Energy Plus. 

Community Energy Plus’s Sustainable Energy Projects Manager, Neil Farrington, said: “We’re now a year on from the start of the project and the technology installed at Ladock School is exceeding our expectations.  Many Cornish Schools use temporary buildings as classrooms which are often poorly insulated and expensive to heat so this project has provided an excellent opportunity to test a ground source heat pump in a typical Cornish School setting. I hope that the energy and financial savings which Ladock School are making will encourage other schools to consider using renewable technologies.”

Headteacher Lisa Michell is equally impressed by the school’s savings, she said: “We are delighted with our new heating system; not only does it heat our school far more effectively but it has now saved us a substantial amount of money when schools are becoming increasingly challenged financially. The money saved can then be used to support the children’s learning. All this and we can celebrate the fact we are helping the environment by using renewable technology.”