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Community Oil Buying Club completes first order

A month after launching its new oil buying club to enable heating oil users in Cornwall to access more competitively priced heating oil, Community Energy Plus has completed its first order, saving its oil buying club members almost £4,500 collectively.

The club already has over 500 members, representing approximately two per cent of oil buying households in Cornwall, and the Cornish fuel poverty and sustainable energy charity is confident that membership will quickly grow as more local residents look for ways to reduce their energy bills.

Ian Smith, Managing Director at Community Energy Plus commented: “We’ve been delighted with the feedback we’ve received from householders since launching the club.  Although most people recognise the value of calling several suppliers to get the best price we recognise that some people, and particularly more vulnerable householders, aren’t able to do this which is where our community oil buying club can help.

“We placed our first order with a single supplier but going forward hope that we may be able to achieve even better savings by splitting the order into smaller areas.  We appreciate that buying clubs require somewhat of a leap of faith, as members need to place their order before they know the price, but the savings we achieved for our members through our first order proves the value of being part of a buying club and we’re looking forward to going from strength to strength.”

Membership of the oil buying club is free at and the cut-off date for Community Energy Plus’s next oil buying date is 27th November, after which the club expects to place its third order in February in order to avoid the highest prices associated with the coldest months.   The minimum order is 500 litres, although the buying club enables those with smaller capacity tanks to benefit from the club’s bulk buying savings.

146 members bought oil through the buying club’s first order, saving an average of 3.58 pence per litre, which for customers ordering 500 litres resulted in savings of £21.