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Community Oil Buying Club goes live!

In response to historic increases in the price of heating oil in the past year, Cornwall’s fuel poverty charity has launched an online energy club to help members reduce their heating bills. is the brainchild of the Camborne based charity Community Energy Plus and has been created to bring together the collective buying power of heating oil users in Cornwall and enable members to access more competitively priced heating oil.

The price of heating oil in the South West went up by almost 30 per cent in the last year.  This means that the average household has had £278 added to their heating bill[1].  Paying an extra 15 pence per litre means that as many householders fill their tanks in preparation for the colder weather they are worrying if they can afford to heat their homes.

Membership of the oil buying club is free and Community Energy Plus expects that members could save up to £85 a year by ordering through the club by providing savings of around 3.5 pence per litre. 

Alec Rice, Fuel Poverty Projects Manager at Community Energy Plus explained why the charity has set up the oil buying club: “Just under half the homes in Cornwall are not served by the mains gas network and rely on more expensive forms of heating for their homes and hot water.  While they may be powerless against the impact of world oil prices, they can cut costs by ordering as part of a larger group, which is why we’ve set up our oil buying club.”

Community Energy Plus are subsidising the club by levying a small administration charge to oil suppliers to cover the administration of the oil buying club and to support their charitable objectives.

The website is currently accepting orders for their first buying date on 30th October, after which the charity expects to offer monthly buying dates.

Information on how to join and the expected savings are available on the oil buying club’s dedicated website

[1] Comparison made from annual consumption figures for an average three bedroom semi-detached household using oil for central heating and hot water.