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Our response to consultation on changes Feed-in Tariff accreditation

In July 2015 the Department of Energy and Climate Change launched a four week DECC Feed-in Tariff accreditation consultation on removing the preliminary accreditation from the Feed-in Tariff. This will have the effect of removing the link to the tariff guarantee for installations currently able to pre-accredit under the FIT, such that installations will only receive the tariff rate as at the date they apply for full accreditation. This will mean that a developer will not be certain of the …


Cold Homes Week puts the spotlight on rising number of children in fuel poverty

Research released by ACE Research and the Energy Bill Revolution has revealed that the number of children living in fuel poverty in the UK is now estimated to be 2.2 million, an increase of 460,000 from the same time last year. The research has been published as part of Cold Homes Week (3-7th February) – part of the Energy Bill Revolution campaign which calls for more to be done to help people struggling to stay warm and healthy in cold …


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Policy changes threaten Cornwall’s insulation aspirations

The government has announced plans today (2 December 2013) to reduce the impact of energy price rises, worth an average of £50 for British householders.  This will be achieved by reducing the amount that consumers pay towards social and environmental programmes. An estimated £30-£35 of this reduction will come from reducing the cost of the Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation element of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) – an energy efficiency scheme delivered by the major energy suppliers. Community Energy Plus …


Testing the case for renewable energy in Cornwall – the tourism debate

One of the commonly-cited concerns regarding the presence of wind turbines and solar farms in Cornwall is that they may have a negative effect on the tourist experience, jeopardising the number of people visiting the county and putting incomes from tourism at risk. However a recent study commissioned by Good Energy suggested that such fears are unfounded. Good Energy, which provides its customers with energy from 100% renewable sources, felt there was a lack of real evidence to inform the …


Ladock community-owned wind turbine

Renewable Energy – Taking Stock

In the first of a series of articles exploring Cornwall’s relationship with renewable installations, Community Energy Plus outlines the need for harnessing sustainable forms of energy on a global to local scale. Introduction Differences of opinion regarding Cornwall’s commitment to renewable energy and the visibility of wind turbines and solar arrays in the county have been rumbling away for some time. Despite studies which show that the overwhelming majority of people nationally support renewable power generation (Cardiff University recently found …