Monthly Archives: May 2011

Energy advice hits the road in Clay Country

Clay Country residents are being encouraged to find out how they can beat rising energy costs by using less energy at home when an energy advice road show tours the clay villages shortly. Community Energy Plus’s Amy Walker, who works as a Sustainable Energy Community Officer for Clay Country as part of the Clay Country Cornwall Local Action Group project, will be hosting a series of energy surgeries as part of the two year project to encourage rural communities in …


Community groups to receive warm welcome at Treviscoe Community Hall

Clubs and groups using Treviscoe Community Hall will be able to enjoy warmer and more comfortable facilities following the installation of underfloor and solid wall insulation as part of the Clay Country’s Sustainable Energy Communities Project. Work has just been completed as part of a £30,500 project funded by the Clay Country Local Action Group to enable the hall adapt to the rising cost of energy by reducing the amount of heat loss from the building by more than 50%. …