Monthly Archives: February 2011

Keep warm and stay well message highlighted for Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

The importance of living in a home that is adequately heated and the role that insulation can play in helping households in Cornwall to live warmer, healthier lives is being highlighted by a Cornish charity as part of National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day on Friday (11th February). Cold weather claims the lives of more than 300 people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly every year.  Community Energy Plus – Cornwall’s leading charity delivering local solutions to fuel poverty, energy …


Front line carers encouraged to fight fuel poverty in Cornwall

The Cornish charity leading the fight against fuel poverty in Cornwall is encouraging front line service providers working with individuals at greatest risk of fuel poverty to take action now to stop unnecessary deaths caused by cold weather and reduce fuel debt amongst the most vulnerable groups in our community. Community Energy Plus has launched a programme of workshops to equip health and social care providers and voluntary sector organisations with essential training to help the individuals that they support …